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TCU Indoor Facility

2761 12th Ave S, Fargo, ND 58103

The TCU Indoor Facility is an indoor turf field facility, at the location of the former Sports Bubble. This is a facility for the community and home to the Tri-City United Soccer Club. The facility and turf fields are available for community use during open turf times and available for private rentals. 

Facility Rules:

Users agree to adhere to the following restrictions when using the facility and applicant further agrees to educate all participants on these restrictions.

No food or beverages are allowed in the turf area of the indoor turf facility except for plain water.

(NO soda, sports drinks, juice, coffee, flavored water etc.)

The following also are not allowed in the turf area:

  1. Spitting
  2. Glass containers
  3. Sunflower seeds
  4. Gum
  5. Alcohol or Tobacco of any kind
  6. Chairs
  7. Glitter and confetti
  8. Smoking is prohibited, including vapor-assisted devices.

User agrees to only allow athletic-type shoes on the turf. Outdoor cleats can be worn on the turf, but the cleats cannot be metal. High heels that can damage turf are not allowed on the turf at any time.

User shall not damage facility and is responsible for all damages, spills and removal of decorations.



User Fee $5.00 Per Person, Open to All Ages, Children 2 and under are free

$40.00 For Punch Card for 10 Open Turf Visits

Children 13 years and younger must be accompanied and supervised by a designated guardian. Non-Participant Adults are free

Please note that Open Turf Time is supervised but it is not an organized event. Participants should be prepared to play with others and share the turf. Individuals may bring their own equipment (soccer ball, football, frisbee, etc) and can play amongst themselves, with family members or a limited number of friends. If your small group play exceeds 5 people or interferes with others ability to enjoy and utilize the turf you will be asked to divide your group. 

There is no designated sports or organized team play.

No team practices or individual lessons are permitted.

If you are interested in playing soccer in our Adult Open Play times please check the calendar for dates and times. Open Play is $10.00 per person.

Please note all other programs require a pre-registration so look under our programs page for upcoming sessions/seasons! 

Tri-City United Indoor Facility Rental Inquiries

45 yds x 70 yds Full Soccer Field

Please Check this Schedule Prior to Coming - We keep the schedule up to date daily.

Special Events & Facility Rentals

Program Name          


Facility Rentals


$150 per Hour


Full Facility  


Small Party   $100.00 for 2 Hours for 18 people   1/4 Field   Email
Large Party   $150.00 for 2 Hours for 30 People   1/2 Field   Email

$100.00 for 18 People
2 Hours

Includes private party room
18 participants for open turf time
Reserved 1/4 of the turf

Minimum 3 days advance reservation
Available during OPEN TURF times only
(See Calendar Above)


$150.00 for 30 People
2 Hours

Includes private party room 
30 participants for open turf time
Reserved 1/2 of the field turf

Minimum 3 days advance reservation
Available during OPEN TURF times only

(See Calendar Above)


$150.00 Per Hour
299 Max Capacity

Full Turf Field
Party Room
Commons Area

Minimum of 1 week advance reservation
Email to check availability