What competitive level should my team register for?
Black is our top level
Blue is second level
White is the lowest level

While we cannot control which division teams place themselves in, we hope that teams appropriately select the level that matches their skill set.  The above information is a guideline for selection.

Why are you asking us to specify our jersey colors?
These jersey colors will help teams to avoid color conflicts with opposing teams. If your team only has one color jersey, you can choose that for both questions. If the referees conclude that a team needs to change their jersey and you don't have another option, pinnies are acceptable as long as they are numbered.

Are we required to bring travel papers with us to the tournament?
If the association your team/club belongs to requires you to have travel papers in order to travel to an out-of-state soccer tournament, then you will need to produce that documentation during online check-in and should also have it available onsite during the event.

Will we be required to produce player cards?
Yes, all teams will need to produce official player cards or passes from their affiliated governing body.

What are the check-in procedures?
Check-in procedures will be posted on this page on the Check-In Procedures tab.

Why is check-in only available as an online process?
There are many reasons why online check-in is beneficial. Team Managers and/or Coaches will no longer need to spend time in check-in lines. All documents can be checked by tournament officials prior to the team's arrival and problems can be fixed ahead of the day of the tournament. Online check-in greatly streamlines the process and saves time for everyone involved.

We require a copy of the tournament sanctioning documents. Where can I find them?
The sanctioning documents will be posted on this page on the Sanctioning tab.

Our club does not require our players to fill out Medical Waivers. Do we need to have them fill one out for the Tri-City Winter Classic? 
Yes. The Tri-City United Medical Waiver is located on the Check-in Procedures tab.